The success of AVEVA software implementation is ensured by our specialists for our clients. During the project, they monitor the technology, the implementation strategy and the integration, while providing a centralized, direct link between our partners’ professionals and our customer service team.

In the initial phase of the project, we aid our partners in preparing the implementation plan and conducting pre-surveys such as Scoping. In order to determine the scope and the extent of the process, we map the operational environment and the structure of the implementation project. If needed, through Gap Analysis, we explore the gap between our customers’ needs and opportunities. This provides indirect feedback on the gap between the actual and the potential performance, which is complemented by suggestions for optimization. Therefore, the analysis contributes to operational development not only by addressing the challenges of software implementation, but also by shedding light on operational insufficiencies and providing an opportunity to review the established processes. In addition, the Proof of Concept (POC) provides validation of the functionality of the solutions within a given operational environment. By examining how the technology solutions work on real-world machines, through a real-world example, the viability of the project can be verified so that the last barrier to implementation can be broken down.

Our experts make sure that the project is in safe hands not only by contributing their in-depth knowledge to the successful implementation, but also by fully understanding the unique infrastructure and business needs of the company. Accordingly, they help with customized best practices and provide added value to the software implementation which, at the end of the day, increases return on investment, reduces potential risks and expedites problem resolution.

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