Smart Manufacturing Through Digital Transformation

Smart manufacturing is empowering food and beverage manufacturers to transform their businesses and achieve significant value by leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud, and analytics solutions. As a recognised leader in smart manufacturing, AVEVA works with 23 of the top 25 food and beverage manufacturers to enable improvements across the asset and operations lifecycle, maximise return on capital investments, and increase profitability.

Dairy Manufacturing and Processing

The dairy industry is faced with tight margins due to regulated milk prices. In this demand-driven industry, AVEVA's comprehensive portfolio of solutions help dairy manufacturers to respond quickly by ensuring product safety and quality during production, reducing scrap waste, and improving operations agility. 

Maintaining Operational Efficiency in Beverages and Brewing

The beverages and brewing industry is characterised by high production volumes and two major production steps: processing and packaging. AVEVA makes it possible for beverages and brewing manufacturers to maximise line throughput and minimise equipment downtime.

Ensuring Product Safety and Compliance

In the baked goods and confectionery industry, allergen and cross-contamination concerns require that stringent procedures and controls are enforced. The optimal product mix is achieved by postponing or delaying the final flavouring or packaging as much as possible. AVEVA helps baked goods and confectionery manufacturers ensure food safety, minimise quality losses, and reduce energy spend.

Efficiently Manage Ingredients While Optimising Operations Efficiency

In a high-volume production environment, the cereal industry is faced with the challenge of standardising manufacturing processes while reducing waste. AVEVA helps cereal manufacturers optimise operational efficiency by realising the value hidden in their operational data.

Efficient, Sustainable, and Traceable Operations

The biofuel industry is faced with various social and environmental concerns, along with the expectation to respond swiftly to commodity prices. AVEVA helps sugar and biofuel millers achieve operational efficiency through total manufacturing integration.

Optimising Operations and Performance in Consumer Packaged Goods

The diverse segments of the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry have their own challenges and needs.

These can include maintaining consistency, operating efficiently, reducing waste, improving quality, and providing mobile applications. AVEVA endeavours to help CPG manufacturers optimise their operations and performance.



Unified Engineering will help you optimize your projects from conceptual, FEED, right through to detailed design, creating new automated workflows to improve your change management process, providing your business with greater agility and increased efficiency to reduce risk and capitalize on project execution.

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