AVEVA Unified Engineering

Unified Engineering provides end-to-end integration of conceptual, FEED and detailed design into an environment that handles all process simulation and engineering (1D, 2D and 3D) from one single data hub with bi-directional information flow. Multi-discipline teams can collaborate in real-time, increasing engineering efficiency to minimize risk and maximize return on capital investment.






Faster FEED stage

Increased engineering efficiency

Reduction in project schedule

Saved on Total Installed Cost


Unified Engineering Platform
Work on a Unified Engineering platform to increase efficiency and reliability by enabling internal multi-discipline teams and external suppliers to collaborate in real-time. This will increase the maturity of your conceptual design and FEED deliverables to reduce errors propagating to later project stages.

Data-Centric Systems
Create a single source of the truth and automated workflows for your process and engineering data to improve transparency, drive collaboration and reduce error during the design phase. Data only needs to be entered once and can be used repeatedly saving on valuable time that can be utilized elsewhere..

Data Model for the Digital Twin
Embrace new technology, developed to create and support your Digital Twin so that you can deliver a complete data model. An up-to-date Digital Twin of your plant ensures scope for higher margins for EPCs and ease of start-up and operations for the owner..

Supporting the Project Lifecycle
Continue to capture value throughout the project lifecycle by propagating more detailed, higher quality, deliverables to procurement and construction to reduce risk, delays and rework.



Unified Engineering will help you optimize your projects from conceptual, FEED, right through to detailed design, creating new automated workflows to improve your change management process, providing your business with greater agility and increased efficiency to reduce risk and capitalize on project execution.


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