Advanced pipeline SCADA system that is built for control room environments and at the same time for operators to get visibility into and outside control rooms in a safe and secure way. A distributed system architecture ensures systems have high availability and redundancy.


  • Alarm Management Advanced alarm management provides heightened sense of overall system status with priorities and configurable thresholds at a very granular level. Real-time memory-resident SCADA helps RTU polling, Supervisory control, Alarm detection, Alarm processing, User-defined calculations.
  • Pipeline SCADA The most trusted supervisory control and data management system for Enterprise Pipeline Operations world-wide. Layers operational and control room management functionality geared towards Oil and Gas pipeline and gas distribution operations.
  • SCADA HMI ezXOS is the OASyS SCADA HMI used to monitor facilities, respond to alarms and control field devices in all or part of the SCADA system. Initiate sequenced control, or command individual field devices including set-points. Display or print reports and trends.
  • Display Editing eXtended Editor (XE) is the primary display development environment for OASyS SCADA. Designed for Windows® with an easy to use editing environment supporting drag and drop editing. The environment provides built-in industry-specific symbol libraries including ASM High-Performance Graphics.
  • Administration Visual administration tools for ease of use and database administration.

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