AVEVA NET Gateways

Enable data from external applications to be imported into AVEVA NET, including 3D models, laser scan data, photogrammetry, 2D drawings, diagrams, and datasheets.

The Key to the Data Interoperability Power of AVEVA NET Technologies

AVEVA NET GatewaysBy linking a company’s information sources with the AVEVA NET™ family of products, AVEVA NET Gateways enable comprehensive, enterprise-wide access to all types of engineering, design, project or business data, without the need for multiple costly authoring applications or specialist user training.

This extensive suite of information interfaces are pre-engineered and customisable, providing access to all types of data, whether created in AVEVA applications or in other popular business systems. The ability to view and integrate data from many different sources in a single browser makes AVEVA NET applicable to every type of business in the plant or shipbuilding industries.

AVEVA Gateways Are Non-invasive

They do not interrupt workflows, put data at risk or require any manual intervention, but can enhance information quality, intelligence and interoperability. Information previously locked in multiple isolated ‘data silos’ becomes easily accessible as a single body of interrelated information.

Now all members of your project or operations team can have a single information access system, in which data and documents are associated with technical engineering data, controlled and available in an easy-to-use format.

Features and Capabilities

Rapid access to comprehensive, integrated and reliable information is a powerful business enabler. AVEVA NET Gateways enables AVEVA NET technology to deliver benefits right across the plant and shipbuilding industries.

Reduced Costs


  • Reduced software licence costs across an entire enterprise
  • Lower costs of compliance audits
  • More cost-effective implementation of life extensions
  • Reduced costs and better quality of information handover


Operational Efficiency


  • More effective use of operations and maintenance resources
  • Increased plant uptime
  • Enhanced safety and regulatory compliance
  • Improved standards compliance and project quality
  • More efficient subcontracting and supply chain management


Accurate Project Information


  • Rapid, intuitive access to complete project data across all shipyard disciplines
  • Non-invasive access to integrated data from multiple enterprise applications
  • Secure, controlled read-only access to the 3D model and engineering data for shipbuilding partners and subcontractors
  • Progressive, thorough documentation of the as-built vessel
  • Effective Information Management across multi-site projects



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