AVEVA LFM brochureUtilize 3D data capture, in particular, laser scanning, after every build phase to ensure that your digital asset is complete. Critical for rework or maintenance where site visits are hazardous, difficult or expensive.


Immensely beneficial to all stages of the Digital Asset Life Cycle.

  • DESIGN – Create a 3D model based on the as-is condition of the site/asset.
  • PROCURE - Use laser scans as a record of what has been procured and completed on-site.
  • BUILD – Perform laser scans as construction takes place for a complete history of the site, scan fabricated pipes/steelwork so they can be checked before they arrive on-site, scan greenfield or brownfield sites to measure/calculate how much land needs to be excavated.
  • HANDOVER - During the transition from EPC to Owner Operator – 3D data adds value to the audit and safety aspect of the design/build.
  • OPERATE – Plan and execute maintenance when needed using accurate data from the 3D model.
  • REVAMP - Accurately model new designs based on the as-is condition using laser scans of the existing site.

Import laser scan data and interface with all major 3D CAD packages with AVEVA LFM Server.

  • Open on the input - LFM Server can read/import a wide variety of 3D data capture formats/scanner types into a single dataset including hand-held, vehicle, static and airborne.
  • Unlimited Datasets - InfiniteCore™ technology enables project datasets of unlimited size to be readily created and accessed.
  • Open on the output - LFM Server interfaces seamlessly with all leading 3D CAD systems, including Autodesk, Bentley and Intergraph products.
  • Extensive CAD manipulation and editing functionality allow the user to manipulate the model until the modelling objectives have been achieved.
  • Interoperability with design solutions enables CAD and review models to be viewed directly inside the LFM BubbleView (a true-to-life representation of a captured asset) immersing designers in the real world.
  • Export the model to multiple AVEVA tools, including AVEVA Everything 3D and AVEVA LFM NetView which enables you to share, process and output point cloud data across devices and worldwide locations.

AVEVA LFMLean construction processes switched on.

  • Reduced site visits from internal staff and contractors improve efficiency and can deliver up to 80% reduction in retrospective data capture and 50% efficiency gain at the design phase in the model.
  • The intuitive 360-degree BubbleView makes it easy to verify clashes, review laser scan data, or simply become familiar with the site.
  • The Digital Asset is kept up-to-date with engineering-quality data depending upon hardware resources level and accuracy of 3D data imported, this can be down to 1 point per mm with a less than 3mm level of accuracy.


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