AVEVA Everything 3D Insight

Direct collaboration when used in conjunction with AVEVA Everything3D- Enable visualising, inspecting,
commenting and approving between mobile workers using a tablet and engineering designers using desktop products.

AVEVA Everything 3D InsightPowerful collaboration at your fingertips.

  • Visualize - Search, filter and view the current project model and its associated information quickly and clearly.
  • Inspect - Inspect, manipulate and measure the model to check for potentially critical issues such as clashes, poor accessibility or non-compliance with design standards.
  • Comment - Liaise directly with the project’s design team and leave a permanent record of comments and instructions in the AVEVA design database.
  • Approve - Set model status to customer defined approval levels. Check and promote the status of any model to keep track of decisions in the approval process.

Empower a global, mobile workforce.

  • Provide authorized users with direct access to the live AVEVA design model, regardless of location, 24 hours a day.
  • Facilitate global work share, clash management and design review.
  • Handle large models required by EPCs and Owner Operators.

Visualize designs in crystal-clear 3D.

  • Designs are rendered in high definition quality.
  • Zoom in and out, pan and rotate around the 3D model to gain an instant feel for the layout and space allocation in the design.
  • Call up attributes for objects in the design.
  • Activate a threaded conversation about the design using comments.
  • Authorized approval of the design from anywhere, at any time.

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