Enterprise Asset Management

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AVEVA Enterprise Asset ManagementEnsure Asset Availability

Enterprise Asset Management is a comprehensive solution for providing maintenance management, spares, and inventory management, and provides complete procurement capabilities for asset intensive industries. Increase asset availability by seeing that necessary maintenance is performed and enable maximum output from expensive and complex assets. Our unique Rapid Implementation Methodology (InRIM), based on predefined business processes and best practices, minimises employee time investment and reduces your implementation risk. With increased visibility into maintenance history, inventory, and procurement, you can implement a preventative maintenance program that maximises return on asset investment.


Stop Value Leaks and Prioritise Improvement Opportunities





of Millions Saved in Early Warning Catches Reduction in Maintenance Costs Improvement in Workforce Efficiency Reduction in Unplanned Downtime


Enterprise Asset Management

Get complete visibility and control of your asset management strategy from spares and inventory management with complete procurement capability for asset intensive industries.

  • Work Management This enables the business to manage and plan incoming work requests, as well as automatically generate work from preventive maintenance programs. The planning function ensures that labor, materials, tools, drawings, subcontractor requirements, and safety information can be identified on work orders to support proactive maintenance activities.
  • Preventative Maintenance Create a library of standard, repeatable jobs with automatic work order generation based on any combination of user-defined triggering criteria such as operating statistics, elapsed time, and calendar date, as well as inspection checklists and PM routes. The application is fully integrated to distributed control systems, such as the Foxboro I/A Series System or System Platform to support the automated downloading of real-time operating statistics from the plant floor.
  • Reliability Analysis Build a detailed history of equipment information based on day-to-day maintenance activities. Failure history, including symptoms, the cause of failure, and action taken can be easily reviewed and analysed. In addition, indicators such as mean-time-between-failure and mean-time-to-repair reporting are available to determine proper fine-tuning of equipment maintenance requirements.
  • MRO Inventory Management Address the main challenges of maintenance repair and operations to enable the control of a large number of unique and low-unit value items. The system automates the reorder process by recognizing calculated safety stock levels, replenishment lead times, and sophisticated “available-to-promise” logic based on expected receipts (open purchase orders) and issues.
  • Procurement Minimise the cost of buying high volumes of MRO inventory items, and ensure that parts are available when needed. Fully automate the entire procurement process, including requisitions, purchase orders, expediting, receiving, quotations and contract, and invoice matching. Improve contract negotiation and vendor relationship management.
  • Approval and EAM Workflow Approval routes are defined by the user, and can be based on both financial and functional rules. Approvals are electronically performed through an approval inbox or via your standard email system, thus enabling off-line approvals to be performed at your convenience. Approved documents can be automatically processed to their next stage via workflow.

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