AR/VR Immersive Training Systems

Train the Next Generation of Operators

AR/VR Immersive Training Systems is a 3D engineering tool that uses Virtual Reality (VR) to connect control room operators, maintenance, and field personnel in a single realistic learning environment.


Equip the Next Generation of Workers to Outperform





Startup Time Reduction Savings on Time and Cost Environment for Testing Saved on Maintenance Budgets



AR/VR Immersive Training Systems

Millennials learn very differently than the baby boomers that are retiring. AR/VR Immersive Training Systems allows you to capture and retain operational knowledge during the replacement of retiring experienced operators, which is critical for plant safety and performance.


  • Reduce Startup Time and Commissioning Minimise project risk by preventing delays during plant commissioning and startup through real-world plant training of the operators, field engineers, and maintenance.
  • Infrastructure Whether you need a virtual reality facility to test your designs, hardware and equipment for deployment, or mobile solutions for remote data entry and operator feedback, these components are available within your Virtual Reality system.
  • Accelerate the Training Experience AR/VR enables you to deliver accelerated training that is sustainable, efficient, effective, and within budget; maximise ROI in plant personnel training; and increase profitability through increased plant utilisation and capacity – all while maintaining safe plant operation.
  • Modular Architecture Modular architecture allows you to link to major DCS systems, as well as “traditional” Operator Training Simulators. By leveraging the Excel Simulation Interface architecture, data is easily transferred between the Virtual Environment, the Dynamic Simulation Suite, and any 3rd party software or data source required for the overall solution. This agnostic environment allows for a multifunctional scalable technology.


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